Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Fall off the Diet Wagon

And I thought this Flat Belly Diet would be a piece of cake! Turns out it was...literally. 2 Cupcake Royale cupcakes and and an entire Deathcake to be exact. Cupcake Royale wouldn't even tell me how many calories I downed in that thing. And therein lies the problem I am having with this diet: I have never EVER in my entire 39 years of life counted calories. Never! If I cook a meal, I have no idea how many calories are in it, and if it isn't calculated in the cookbook or magazine, I am not ABOUT to make the supreme effort it would take to figure it out. Many restaurants and bakeries cannot tell you how many calories are in their dishes. And this diet relies upon calorie-counting. Sigh. So I fell off the wagon and landed with a thump, and just gave up entirely last week. And it saddens me, because between the detox diet and the beginning week of this one, I was 3 lbs. lighter on the scale. But now after my relapse, only 1- 2 max. I am determined to behave for the next 2 1/2 weeks, at which time I have scheduled a PLANNED "No-Diet-Allowed" week, because Derek is coming for a visit! And you better believe I'll be sharing at least one cupcake:) Hopefully I will not be back to where I started...or worse!
And in a strange juxtaposition, during this week of misbehavior, I have been spending long periods of time joyfully planning a vegan/raw food diet for the summer, when local produce is abundant. Two of the favorite sites I have discovered are the Pure 2 Raw site, a blog written by a set of twins who happen to be raw vegan bakers who are also exercise enthusiasts. They are running a V-day contest right now, and I would love to win some of their treats to try out! The other site is called G Living and has the most gorgeous photos of vegan & raw delights, accompanied by recipes. Although I must admit that at both sites what I am sooooo drawn to would be...ahem...the desserts.
So far today I am back on track- yummy black bean & avocado burger on a sprouted bun for lunch...and is it wrong that I am back to drinking coffee, especially to perk myself up when I am feeling to fatigued to work out? Whoops.


  1. Mmmm...black bean and avocado burger on sprouted bun sounds yuuuuummmmmy. And I always knew you had vegan inside you, bursting to come out.

  2. You've got me pegged, Jenny! :) This summer I plan to go a step further actually and try out not only vegan, but raw!