Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coming Attractions: P90x

Well next week begins the most dreaded, yet most exciting plan yet: P90x. Dreaded, because it looks and is rumored to be a real butt-kicker, and exciting because I need my butt kicked. Classy words from a classy Southern gal, eh?

In looking it over, I see that I have 3 workout options, and I will probably choose the "Classic" version, because as much as I'd like to go for the "Doubles" version- otherwise known(by me, anyway) as "P90x on crack"- I do not have 2 1/2 hours per day to dedicate to a booty-kicking workout. 1 to 1 1/2 will have to do.

Here are my thoughts at this point, having only a cursory knowledge of what I am about to put myself through:
-I only watched brief snippets of each workout, and may I just say that I am concerned? The guy leading the workouts is totally ripped and as I watched and zipped through some of the chapters it appeared that he is out of breath and straining. A lot. Maybe he's just acting, to make the rest of us feel better. Man.
-I ordered the workout bands and a chin-up bar from Ebay. I tried to pull myself up for a chin-up. That was a no-go. Here's hoping that changes by the end of the program:) Remember, I want to get all "Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies". If I can't do a few chin-ups, it's not gonna happen.
-I am kicking myself because this would have been the perfect winter workout! You work out along with the DVDs, so by necessity it is all indoors. What was I thinking?? It's just starting to get nice outside! Also you are supposed to go for a full 90 days, but I'll only be about halfway through before my Austin trip dates are here. Hmmmmm, maybe I SHOULD do the "on crack" version after all...LOL
-In the Craigslist copies I bought I got only the briefest explanation of the nutritional guidelines, yet I'd heard from those who have actually done the program that the diet is critical. So I looked up the guides and they are long & complicated. I have my weekend prep work cut out for me. I preferred the short & sweet version. It basically just involved eating several small meals- portion control and calorie counting. Hope the expanded version is not as annoying as it looks at first blush.
-I sent copies to my friend Carrie F. so that we can do the workouts together...2300 miles apart.
Carrie Ann, I am totally going to take you in an arm-wrestling contest on May 1st.

I plan to start early next week- by March 10, for sure. Will post again in early April to let you know how things are going...if I'm still alive.

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  1. Yah I am with you on the chin up thing! We got my son an ultimate gym bar to work on highbar and pbar skills and i tried a chin up NO GO was a goog description! I am up to one in each position now. Upper body strength is not my forte! for the crack version. CRACK exceptions!