Friday, May 14, 2010

Making my Peace with Tony Horton

Well, I have now been P90xing it up for 2 months, and while many days I still dread the long and strenuous workouts(in fact I am working on this blog right now because I am putting off the dreaded "Legs, Back & Abs" Friday routine), I know they have made some positive changes in my body. I actually foresee continuing to use the workouts on a regular basis even at the formal conclusion of the program in a month.
I still have yet to lose a single pound, but am definitely stronger and have more firmness & definition. Last weekend on a hike we came across a set of pull-up bars and I pulled myself up for a few. I don't believe I would have been able to do that pre-P90.

And again, I have only myself to blame for the lack of weight loss- I have not followed the diet much...well ok, I have not followed the diet AT ALL. The basics of it are that you should eat a very high percentage of protein the first month, and slowly start normalizing the carb/protein ratio over the next two. Of course you are also supposed to keep it lo-cal. I HAVE worked to keep my calories in check, though not maniacally, but the rest I discarded pretty fast. I have no doubt that it would indeed probably help me with weight loss, but I think I rebelled against the fact that it really isn't necessarily a healthy choice to eat that high a percentage of protein, especially for me as I seek to tamp down my body's inflammatory response.

I will give a final report late next month and then will start the next plan, which I'll keep under wraps for now. But I think I may keep Mr. Tony Horton in my life for longer than originally planned. I think Tony & I have made our peace:)

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